How do they work?

Design and Performance

Step 1: The Rug

We use a special fabric on the chest of the rug that picks up the pulse, the grid within the fabric means anywhere the horse touches a fence on the chest the pulse is instantly transferred to the inside of the rug.

Step 2: The special inside strap

This strap is the contact point where the pulse is transferred too, this inside strap needs to always be in direct contact with the horse, its is made using the same clever fabric as the chest and its lined using the same soft lining as the inside of the rug, so the horse won't feel the inside strap at all.

Step 3: The Neck Cover

The whole outer fabric of the neck cover works with electric fencing and transfers the pulse to the inside of the neck cover so you can be sure your horse can't lean over or duck under the electric fence.

Our neck coves will even prevent escapes from horses that go through the fencing when not wearing a rug, this is often because they have a thick mane that protects them and enables them to duck under the fence; which is resolved when using one of our neck covers.

Layering Up and Liners

The special strap on the inside of the rug is fixed at the top and bottom hem; this means you can slide rugs underneath the inside strap and ensure the horse still feels the full effect of the fence. You can layer multiple rugs underneath and they can be of any type, thickness or brand.

The neck covers can only have anti-rub type hoods of very thin material layered underneath, anything thicker will prevent the neck cover working.

Design & Performance

Normal rugs prevent horses from feeling the effect of an electrified fence because the thick fabrics and padding prevent the pulse or shock from being felt by the horse, so they simply lean on the fence and push their way through. Once they have learnt this trick it can become a real problem; so we have designed a rug that works with an electric fence to prevent escapes.

Our rugs use clever fabrics that pick up the pulse from an electric fence and transfer it instantly through to the inside of the rug or neck cover; making sure the horse feels the fence instantly on contact and prevents escapes.

Our design uses 100% fabric throughout so there is no wires or batteries in any of our products; just strong, clever fabrics. Got any questions? Call us on 0800 019 6468 or email

Check out our video for a demo on how they work

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5 quick facts about electric fence rugs

Electric fence rugs work by transferring the pulse from a fence to the inside of the rug or neck cover
The pulse is transferred the instant contact is made with an electric fence
The chest, shoulder and whole outer layer of the neck cover work with electric fencing 
Prevents escapes – stops a horse walking into, leaning over or ducking under an electric fence
Made using 100% fabric (no wires or batteries)
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Our Quality and Standards Guarantee


Being the new brand on the block quality is of the utmost importance to us; so our guarantee is to ensure every customer is 100% happy with the design, fit and performance of our rugs. We pride ourselves on quick delivery, great customer service – but most of all – our very clever rugs.

We guarantee that …..
***All our products are made using high quality yarns and fabrics all chosen for strength and durability 
***All rugs come with a standard 2 year warranty covering complete waterproof and electric fence performance and all straps and clips 
***Free size swaps and returns on all orders 

As horse owners, we understand that rug fit is crucial to the comfort of your horse – and we also understand that one size simply cannot fit all shapes and sizes. To accommodate this we always have fully adjustable chest straps and stomach straps, but should you need a little something extra to fit your horses particular shape; we have our own in house alterations service, just drop us a call or an email if we can help, see our contact us page for details.

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Washing Instructions and Du Ponts Teflon Sheild+

Our Fence Buster range has the added benefit of Du Ponts Sheild+ Teflon coating so the rug resists water absorption and also dries up to 50% quicker than normal fabrics following heavy rain. The Teflon coating helps to protect the fabrics and provides a more durable and breathable rug. The application of Teflon also helps the fabric to resist dirt and grease, if you have your rugs washed annually you can revive the Teflon coating to as new performance by asking your rug washer to refresh the dwr coating using either a Teflon, Nik wax or similar dwr application.

Washing your Rug – All our rugs can be washed the same as any normal turnout rug – be sure to follow the 3 golden rules of washing a waterproof garment

1: Always wash under 30Oc

2: Always wash using a special turnout rug washing liquid or powder – the chemicals in normal household washing powders and liquids can severely damage or even completely remove the waterproof pu coating

3: Always line dry your rugs – tumble drying can melt away the waterproof pu coating

These guidelines apply to washing any waterproof product