How do they work?

Design and Performance

Step 1: How it Works

If the rug OR neck cover touch an electric fence our special fabrics instantly transfer the pulse to the inside of the rug or neck cover

Step 2: The Rug

Here you can see inside the rug our special contact pad made using soft polyester lining - this is where the pulse from the fence is transferred directly to the horses shoulder

Step 3: The Neck Cover

Anywhere the neck cover touches the electric fence, the pulse is transferred to the underside of the horses neck on the inside of the neck cover; this preventing leaning and ducking under the fence.

Goodbye Fence Repairs!

Say goodbye to fence repairs and have peace of mind your houdini will be on the right side of their electric fence all day, every day!

Design & Performance

Normal rugs prevent horses from feeling the effect of an electrified fence because the thick fabrics and padding prevent the pulse or shock from being felt by the horse; our clever patented design uses fabrics that pick up the pulse from an electric fence and transfers the zap instantly through to the inside of the rug or neck cover; making sure the horse feels the fence instantly on contact. – an incredibly effective design that has been tried, tested and proven to prevent even the most determined horses escaping from electric fencing.

The inside contact point where the horse feels the zap always needs be in direct contact with the horses shoulder, so if you want to layer up rugs underneath your Guardian electric fence rug just slide them underneath this clever contact pad (see picture 2 in the step by step guide above). Our design uses 100% fabric; there is no wires or batteries in any of our products; just strong, clever fabrics. 

You can layer any weight/brand/style rug underneath your Guardian electric fence rug and always maintain 100% effect from your fence no matter how many rugs you layer up. however please note our removable neck covers can only have anti-rub type hoods of very thin material layered underneath, anything thicker will prevent the neck cover working (our full fixed neck rug you can layer any weight underneath the neck or rug section). 

We are so confident in the performance of our products to prevent escapes we will always offer a full refund to anyone that isn’t 100% satisfied using our products. For more answers visit our FAQ’s page, call us on 0800 019 6468, email or drop us a message via our facebook page

Watch a video

Guardian vs Houdini "The Big Lad"

“My Boy in his new rug, no more running through fences now! These rugs are really good quality and are really generous on the sizing. My boy is 17.2 and in a 7ft rug and it fits lovely as you can see and even room for adjustments.”

Guardian vs Double Trouble Houdini's

“Got mine one each recently, they are good quality and fit well and no escaping since i got them – amazing!”