How well does the rug transmit the pulse from my electric fence?

October 27th 2018

Our rugs will instantly transfer the same pulse from the fence, through to the inside of the rug, so they feel the same as they would if not wearing a rug at all.

You can see in the picture above, a voltmeter testing the inside of a normal rug when held against a fence that’s providing 3,800 volts, and the second photo shows a voltmeter on the inside of a Guardian rug, which shows the full 3,800v pulse from the fence going through to the inside of our rug. You can do this test at home yourself with a voltmeter and any normal rug vs a Guardian rug.

Of course we insist your electric fencing is erected as per the manufacturers guidelines; the normal voltage for an electric fence for horses is between 3,000-10,000 volts – if you have a horse that like to escape, we recommend keeping the voltage at the higher end of that range.


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