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The story behind Guardian

In Memory of Barney

The inspiration for the electric fence safety rug is rooted in the loss of a very precious horse, Barny. Barny had managed to escape from his field through an electric fence wearing a standard winter turnout rug.

Barney was a beautiful TB stallion who escaped from his field by barging through electric fencing and over a 7ft hedge when loose horses galloped down the lane next to his field. In all of the excitement, Barney broke through the electric fence and scrambled over the hedge to join the group of horses. Wearing his rug he could not feel the fence, and subsequently he easily pushed straight through it.

Unfortunately, once Barny caught up with the horses he received a fatal kick that broke his front leg and he had to be put to sleep due to his injuries. The founder of Guardian Rugs (Barny’s owner) was understandably distraught and heartbroken. Left with only one question, if Barny had received an electric shock from the fence that night, would he still be with us today?

This meant a solution had to be found – never again could she risk a horse escaping with the potential for this accident to happen again. Following many designs the worlds first electric fence rug was launched in 2012.

May Barny’s terrible accident never happen again and may Guardian Rugs help to keep many horses safe and secure in their paddocks.

Discover Guardian Equestrian


We are based in the UK in the beautiful county of Cornwall and we are very proud to have launched the world’s first anti-escape electric fence compatible turnout rug’s to the equestrian market in 2012. Since our UK launch we have grown both nationally and internationally, something we are very proud of!

The Guardian Approach

We are incredibly passionate about quality, efficiency, and customer service; as horse owners ourselves we understand our customers needs and hope our innovative electric fence turnout rugs can help others as they have helped us.


All our products are designed by us and we oversee every stage of the manufacture process ensuring the materials used in our products are good quality and perform to our high standards.


We understand in the rug business often people need a rug the same or next day, or sometimes you need to try a couple of different sizes, or maybe you need one size rug, but a different size neck cover – whatever you need we can nearly always accommodate it. We are continually working to ensure a flexible and efficient service from order to delivery.

Customer Service

We have a small and very friendly customer services team who can provide all the information you need for our products; you can find us on email, by phone or social media chat. We often find people have a range of questions about our products as the concept of electric fence turnout rugs is still so new to the equestrian market – please don’t be afraid to concept us with any questions.


Keeping fences up, and horses safe!


 Read our reviews to see how effective our rugs are at preventing escapes or visit our FAQ’s page to find answers to our most common questions!