My horse goes through electric fencing when not wearing a rug – will your rug work?

October 27th 2018

In most cases we find there are two things happening if you horse is going through an electric fence when not wearing a rug. As long as your fence is working properly, we are 99% sure our rugs will put a stop to their escapes. If you know your horse is ducking under the fence, we recommend using one of our neck covers as they are likely using their mane as a fence buffer (just like cheeky Zazz the baby Friesian in the above picture). More information on these points below …….

1: Test the voltage

test your fence

Often where fences have been tied back together a high percentage of voltage is lost at these joins, reducing the effect from the fence. The best way to test your fence is using a voltmeter, this gadget revolutionised my life about ten years ago and we here at Guardian use them very regularly.

You can buy voltmeters relatively cheaply, they are the ONLY way to know how strong your fence is. The approximate normal voltage for equine electric fencing is 3000-10,000volts – but if you have an escapee really the recommendation would be to make sure your fence is a minimum of 5,000 but ideally 6,000 plus.

2: Your horse is ducking under the fence and feeling zero effect from the fence due to their mane

Horses mane provides a very handy tool for them to duck under fences without feeling the pulse. Our neck covers will easily put a stop to this, because no matter where they touch the fence on the neck cover, the pulse is transferred to the under side if the horses neck where there is no mane to protect them.

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