Fence Buster 250g Rug & Neck Cover with 150g Liner Rug

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Make escapes a problem of the past with our Fence Buster anti-escape rugs – clever fabrics simply carry the pulse from the fence through to the inside of the rug the instant contact is made with the fence – this enables your electric fence to remain highly effective even when your horse is wearing a nice thick warm rug.

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Product Description

The Fence Buster 250g Rug and Removable Neck cover & 150g Liner Rug

Included In this Purchase
  • 250g Rug
  • 250g Removable Neck Cover
  • 150g Liner rug
Design and Performance

The Fence Buster is a luxurious rug and removable neck cover with a strong 1680d outer, Teflon coating, medium weight 250g filling, fleece wither pad and xxxl tail flap for complete performance in all weathers.

If your horse makes contact with an electric fence the clever fabrics in the rug and neck cover instantly carry the pulse through to the inside of the rug – meaning your horse always feels the full pulse and prevents your horse from breaking through, leaning over or ducking under the fence. A high performance design that enables your electric fence to be effective even when your horse is wearing a nice thick warm rug and neck cover.

Also included in this option is a 150g liner rug with a stain resistant outer for when its used as a stable rug, and soft 210d polyester lining. The liner rug has a single adjustable quick snap check buckle, cross stomach surcingles and a fillet strap. When used as a liner underneath the fence buster you can take off the fillet strap and clip it directly onto the fence buster at the back.

The clever design means you can still layer up any brand stable or fleece rugs underneath your Fence Buster and your horse will still feel the full effect from the fence – for more information visit our “How do they work?” page.

  • The pulse is transferred the second contact is made with an electric fence
  • Rug & neck cover work with electric fencing
  • Prevents the horse from breaking through, leaning over or ducking under
  • You can layer up rugs underneath the Fence Buster – and still always get 100% effect
  • Made using 100% fabric (no wires or batteries) – looks and feels just like a normal rug

Order and Delivery – All orders are dispatched within 48 hours on a 24 hour recorded courier – you will receive an email when your order is dispatched,in this email you can instruct the courier to leave your delivery with a neighbour or in a safe place. *** Free returns and size swaps *** Free Delivery to UK mainland for orders over £100 **

Returns – We are so confident in our rugs performance at preventing escapes that we offer a “no questions asked” returns option within 2 weeks of your delivery date, so in the unlikely event that your horse still goes through the fence with our special rug on, you can get a full money back guarantee within 2 weeks with the rug in any “used” condition. This is something we have always offered, and in 5 years of trading we have only ever had 4 horses that still go through the fence with one of our rugs on – that’s an impressive success rate of over 99%.

Making escapes a problem of the past ……. read our reviews

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Additional Information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 55 x 50 x 40 cm



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150g Dual Use Stable/Liner Rug with stain resistant outer, 1680D Ballistic Weave Polyester, 190T Polyester Lining, 250g Filling (Rug & Neck cover), Cross stomach surcingle’s, Free 48 hour delivery (uk mainland), Layer any rug underneath – still 100% effect from your fence, Prevents escapes, Quick snap adjustable chest closure, Removable Electric Fence Neck Cover, Removable rear leg straps, Teflon Coated, Waterproof 3000mm Pu coating