0g 600d Top Layer Full Fixed Neck


Does your houdini escape electric fencing?

Our Genius rugs use smart fabrics that transfer the pulse through to the inside of the rug the instant contact is made with an electric fence, this simply means your horse will respect the fence exactly as they would if not wearing a rug at all thus preventing escapes, fence trashing and unwanted equine adventures!

A brand new product for 2020 our new “Top Layer” sheet/rug is purely designed to be used over the top of your existing turnout – designed for lightness and breathability it provides the exact same fence respecting ability as our high spec winter rugs.

Simply fit over the top of your existing turnout rug to get full fence respect performance and keep your houdini on the right side of the electric fence.

*** Sizing is true to size so if using over a very thick turnout or if your horse is between two sizes – consider going for the larger size***

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Product Description

600d rip-stop polyester with our patented electric fence performance in the chest, shoulder and the whole neck area from wither to ear. Simply fit this top layer sheet over your existing turnout and keep your houdini on the right side of the electric fence.

A highly effective design that keeps even the most determined fence trashers in their place; tried, tested and proven. If however your horse is part of the 1% that does still escape even when wearing our electric fence rug we will provide a no quibbles full refund with the rug in any used condition within 2 weeks of your purchase.

This is a “Top Layer” sheet designed for purely for use over the top of a normal turnout rug – this product offers a cost effective basic sheet for people who already have their preferred turnout rug. It is not lined; has no tail flap and has x1 stomach surcingle. It can be used over the top of the heaviest turnout rug without any reduction in fence proof performance at all.

The crest is lined to enable use over the top of any style standard neck, removable neck or fixed neck turnout.

Included in this purchase:

Genius “Top Layer” 0g full fixed neck rug/sheet

  • 600d polyester
  • Waterproof 3000mm PU Coating
  • 0g Fill
  • Full fixed neck
  • x1 chest clip and adjustable strap with buckle
  • Single stomach surcingle  (this is so you don’t have a ton of straps to do up when rugging)
  • Fillet strap
  • No lining (When using over the top of a turnout rug – having both rugs lined would impact breathability)
  • No tail flap

Make escapes a problem of the past

  • Prevents walking into, leaning over or ducking under an electric fence
  • Transfers the pulse the instant contact is made
  • 100% fabric – no wires or batteries

Order and Delivery – All orders are dispatched within 48 hours and are normally on a 24 hour recorded courier – you will receive an email when your orders is dispatched, you are able to instruct the courier to leave your delivery with a neighbour or in a safe place.  *** Free returns and size swaps ***  Delivery £7.15 to UK mainland ***

Returns – We are so confident in our rugs performance at preventing escapes that we offer a “no questions asked” returns option within 2 weeks of your delivery date, so in the unlikely event that your horse still goes through the fence with our special rug on, you can get a full money back guarantee (minus postage) within 2 weeks with the rug in any “used” condition.

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*** Not lined ***, 0g Filling, For use over a normal turmout/liner **Not Lined**