October 27th 2018

How do Guardian Rug’s come up size wise?

Fence Buster Range – Medium Weight 250g

Guardian’s Fence Buster 250g range we find pretty true to size but if anything are slightly generous, so if your horse is one of those in between two sizes we would say go down rather than up.

The Fence Buster range is medium cut between the shoulder and knee so they give great coverage and protection for the stomach and legs from the elements. The Fence Buster has an extra large tail flap, large internal fleece wither pad, fully adjustable chest and stomach straps and removable rear leg straps.

Genius – 0g Light weight Range

Guardian’s 0g lightweight Genius range is very true to size, they would not be considered as generous. If your horse is between sizes we suggest going for the larger.

As the Genius rug is designed for warmer conditions its not as deep cut as the Fence Buster, it has a smaller tail flap and a fillet string, no fleece wither pad but the same adjustable front and stomach straps.

The Genius rug is designed to use as either a 0g lightweight rug, or it can  be used on top of your medium/heavyweight turnouts to turn your rug into an electric fence rug.



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