The ONLY rugs that work with electric fencing to prevent escapes

Super rugs that prevent escapes from even the most determined Houdini’s

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So how do they work?

We specialise in a patented design of turnout rugs that work with electric fencing to prevent escapes; our unique design uses clever fabrics in the chest and neck cover that carry the pulse from the fence directly through to the inside of the rug – this simply means your horse will feel the same effect from your electric fence when rugged, as they would if not wearing a rug at all.

You can even layer up rugs (any brand) underneath our rugs, so even in the coldest of weather your horse can be layered up to keep warm and stay firmly put behind the electric fence. You can’t layer under the neck covers, but we have a range of weights available that fit all our ranges.

An incredibly effective design that works on even the most determined escapee’s to maintain complete respect for electric fence and gives you peace of mind.

More on design & performance .....

I was pinning all my hopes on this and very pleased to report he is still in his field!!! (Mrs Johnson)

Mrs Johnson

My new boy showing off his Guardian rug - bought my mare 2 of these last year, wouldn't buy anything else ever now!!

Ms Broomfield

My beautiful boy in his smart new electric fence turnout rug, had his rug back on for the last 2 days as tons of rain here and he's staying in his paddock .... Yipeeee!!!!

Ms Newton-Carter

Here's my girlie in her fab new Fence Buster Rug, excellent quality and has kept her the right side of the fence for once! Would definitely recommend - Thanks Guardian (Tanya)


My big horse was always crashing through the fence, now he wont even think about it! Total God send, thank you Guardian! Mrs Waller

Ms Waller


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