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Guardian's unique patented design of turnout rugs use specials fabrics in the chest, shoulder and neck covers that pick up the pulse from your electric fence and instantly transfers it to the inside of the rug.

The thick fabric in normal rugs prevents the zap being felt by your horse, with Guardian's electric fence rug they feel the full zap instantly on contact with your fence. This stops horses from pushing through, leaning over, or ducking under your electric fence. No more relentless hours fixing fences, no more houdini an antics.

***UPDATE 15/01/2024 Due to unprecedented orders (thank you our amazing customers) we have run completely out of stock, 3 months ahead of schedule! We have a slight issue with world of shipping currently in chaos which is causing us delays; but we will have all lines back in stock asap. We will open up pre-orders in February for all lines/sizes, delivery end March/early April. If you would like us to email you when orders open up drop us an email at ***

How do they work?

Clever fabric that transfers the pulse

Step 1:

If the rug or neck cover touch an electrified fence, our clever fabric instantly transfers zap through to the inside of the rug/neck cover.  

This ensures your horse can't lean over, duck under, or push through your electric fence.

Our rugs use 100% fabrics, there is no wire or batteries anywhere within our rugs.

Inside strap of electric fence turnout rug

Step 2:

This is the inside strap where your horse feels the zap.

You can slide any weight liner, stable or even another turnout rug underneath this strap and still guarantee the full effect from you fence because the strap stays in contact with the horses shoulder.
Fence tester on normal rug vs guardian rug

Normal rug vs Guardian Rug

The photo on the left shows that when you put a fence voltage tester inside a normal rug that touches an electric fence - your horse feels virtually nothing as they are protected by their rug, so they are free to lean, duck or push through your fence at any time.

Now see the right-hand picture; the voltmeter on the inside of the Guardian rug transfers the full zap from your fence to the inside strap. An incredibly effective design that stops even the most determined horses escaping from their electric fencing.

Does this look familiar?

A majority of our customers report Zero escapes when wearing our rugs...

Keeping your horse on the right side of the fence, all day, every day...

Fence Buster 1680d 250g

Super strong, durable and teflon coated turnout rug and removable neck turnout. 


Genius 0g 1200d

Rip-stop 1200 denier outer, 0g fill, taped seams, waterproof and fully lined standard neck turnout rug.


Genius 0g 1200d with neck

Genius by name, genius by nature; 1200 denier turnout rug and removable neck cover.


Fence Buster 1680d 250g

Super strong, durable and teflon coated medium weight standard neck turnout rug.


Read our Houdini Reviews...

The big chap!

My big horse was always crashing through the fence, now he won't even think about it! Total god
send, Thank you Guardian!

Houdini level 10/10

I was pinning all my hopes on this and I'm very pleased to report he is still in his paddock!

Double Trouble

Got mine one of these each recently, they are good quality, fit well and no escapes since i got them, Amazing!

The Hunk

We use Guardians electric fence rug on our 17hh Holstien Stallion “Chaos”. He lives up to his name always up to something, during the summer and he will listen to the charger to see if its clicking and if someone has left it off he will go through the tape. During the winter months, when he is rugged he goes through even if it is on as he knows he won’t get a zap off it if he is rugged. But with his new Guardian on he had the shock of his life, when he tried to walk through it!! Absolutely fantastic rug! Meadow Stud

Celebrity Ponio

Thank you Guardian Equestrian I absolutely LOVE this miracle "Daisy proof" rug. An ideal solution for those who love to barge through electric fencing.
Lissa Green International 5* event rider

Handsome Harvey

I bred Harvey myself and since a 2 week old foal being turned out in the field …. he has found ways of escaping! He is now 6 years old and i would say 90% of the time he would be in a different field to the one i left him in… and he has cost me literally hundreds of pounds in replacing fencing. Thanks to the Fence Buster rug i have never looked back, and may i add its a fantastic fit and has never rubbed his shoulders which other rugs have. Harvey has stayed in his field where i left him, one very happy owner, I would not hesitate to recommend the Fence Buster rug to anyone.

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