Fence Buster Turnout Special fabrics of 1680d electric fence rug

How do they work?

Here you can see our special fabric up close. The grid formation in our "smart" fabric picks up and carries the full zap instantly through to the inside of the rug - so where a normal rug blocks/protects your horse from feeling any effect from your fence - our rug instantly transfers the zap through to the inside. A simple yet incredibly effective design.
Voltmeter testing the strength of electric fence

How much of a "Zap" will my horse get?

The amount of zap your horse gets depends on how many volts your fence is running at. Normal turnout rugs block all of the zap being felt by the horse because of the thick fabrics they are made from; our rugs stop horses escaping from electric fencing by using a special fabric that transfers the whole pulse instantly through to the inside of the rug.

 Our rugs neither increase nor decrease the zap felt by the horse, it simply transfers it from your fence through to the inside of the rug; so we always recommend testing your fence voltage; for an escape artist we would suggest your fence should be a minimum of 5000v, most units are designed to be a maximum of 10,000v and of course all fences and energisers should be built as per the manufacturer's instructions.
Genius 1200d standard neck turnout rug

The Genius range...

Genius by name, genius by nature. Designed to be versatile it can either be used on its own as a 0g turnout rug, or you can use it over the top of any "normal" turnout rug to transform it into an electric fence rug. An incredibly effective design that stops even the most professional houdini horses escaping from electric fencing.

This is our mid specification Genius Pro 1200d range, we also offer a lower spec range which comes in a 600d which is lower cost but has the same anti-escape electric fence capabilities. If your horse is hard on rugs, we recommend the 1200 denier as the fabric is stronger, if you need a lower cost solution to your horse's escaping antics, go for the 600 denier. 
1680d 250g Fence Buster electric fence rug

The Fence Buster range...

Our bestseller, and our proudest product. We haven't changed the design of this rug in 7 years...... why? Because it is absolutely perfect. Made using a 1680d ballistic weave teflon coated polyester, this turnout rug is gorgeous to look at, and is a fantastic fit on all shapes and sizes.

We know you would expect us to say that, but this rug really is exactly everything it needs to be. Comfy for the horse, keeps them safe, completely dry in even the most extreme weathers, durable, looks great and will stop your horse escaping from electric fencing... winner!!!

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Our FAQ's

The inside strap

 All our turnout rugs have a special inside strap at the shoulder - this must ALWAYS be in direct contact with the horse, as this is where the zap is transferred to.Our rugs will only transfer the volts your fence is running at - remember always test your fence to make sure its performing as it should, our rugs won't help if your fence is weak.

Can you layer rugs/liners underneath?

Yes! You can layer ANY weight stable, liner or even a "normal" turnout underneath any of our Guardian rugs and still guarantee the full zap is always felt by your horse. Simply slide any rugs underneath the inside strap of your Guardian rug. Please note you can't layer underneath our neck covers without effecting the zap performance.

It won't stop my horse!!!

This is something we hear a lot, and we can confidently say it will!! Of course, we can't guarantee 100% our rugs will stop every horse, but it is extremely rare that we hear of a horse that does still go through electric fencing when wearing our rugs. We always offer a "love it or return it" where you can return your rug within 3 weeks of your order in any used condition.

My horse goes through the fence when NOT wearing a rug?

If you are confident your fence is working well (we recommend no less than 5000v no more than 10,000v or as per your fence energisers manufacturer's instructions) if your fence is at or above 5k volts and your horse goes through the fence without a rug, it is likely that they are using the protection of their mane to duck under without getting a zap, this is REALLY common! Our neck covers work incredibly well for these horses.

How do you wash Guardian rugs?

Our rugs can be washed the same as any normal turnout, wash below 40 degrees, always use non biological powder, ideally use special solutions for washing waterproof fabrics i.e Nikwax or Grangers - these special solutions for washing waterproof garments also rejuvenate the dwr water repellent coating on the outer waterproof fabrics. Biological powders will severely damage the waterproof coating. Do not tumble dry, this will melt the waterproof coating. Line dry only.

How does the Genius range come up size wise?

Our Genius range is true to size, it's brilliant at accommodating big shoulders, but it isn't generous on length so if you have a horse who is very broad bottomed or is between sizes, go up rather than down. 

If your horse has narrow shoulders and is in-between sizes, go down rather than up, youngsters with baby pigeon chests can sometimes find the neck line too generous, consider going down a size.

My horse jumps the electric fence, will your rugs work?

Unfortunatly no, our rugs work by transferring the pulse from your electric fence, through to the inside of the rug - if your horse is jumping the electric fence, our rugs won't help.

Are these rugs dangerous in a storm?

This is a fairly common question... we can confirm there is no additional risk from our rugs in a storm, they don't contain any wire or batteries and our special fabric is anti-static so if anything they should be safer than a normal turnout.

Can these rugs be repaired?

Guardian rugs can be repaired as normal, except where our special fabrics are used which is on the chest and shoulder, and the outer layer of the neck cover. You can either return the rug/neck cover to us for repair, or we can provide the special fabric to you for the repair. 

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