Guardian Vs Houdini's

The big chap!

My big horse was always crashing through the fence, now he won't even think about it! Total god
send, Thank you Guardian!

Houdini level 10/10

I was pinning all my hopes on this, and I'm very
pleased to report he is still in his paddock!

Double trouble

Got mine one of these each recently, they are good quality, fit well and no escapes since i got
them. Amazing!

The stud muffin

We use Guardians electric fence rug on our 17hh Holstien Stallion “Chaos”. He lives up to his name always up to something, during the summer and
he will listen to the charger to see if its clicking
and if someone has left it off, he will go through the tape. During the winter months, when he is rugged, he goes through even if it is on as he knows he won’t get a zap off it if he is rugged. But with his new Guardian on he had the shock of his life, when he tried to walk through it!! Absolutely fantastic rug! Meadow Stud - Glos

Lissa Green 5* Event Rider

THANK YOU, Guardian Equestrian! I absolutely love this miracle Daisy proof rug! This rug is an ideal solution for those naughty little devils who
barge through electric fencing.

Hansome Harvey

I bred Harvey myself and since a 2 week old foal being turned out in the field …. he has found ways of escaping! He is now 6 years old and i would say 90% of the time he would be in a different field to the one i left him in… and he has cost me literally hundreds of pounds in replacing fencing. Thanks to the Fence Buster rug i have never looked back, and may i add its a fantastic fit and has never rubbed his shoulders which other rugs have. Harvey has stayed in his field where i left him, one very happy owner, I would not hesitate
to recommend the Fence Buster rug to anyone.

A new rug for them, no more stress for you

(We will include some polos to soften the news that their escaping antics are over)

Escapologist 101

Here is my escapologist in his rug, I have only recently been using it overnight as he is clipped but I am very pleased to say that he has yet to escape the confines of his electrically fenced
field. Thank you - certainly give me peace of mind.

Mr Red

Thank you Guardian Equestrian!!! Here is my horse
Red wearing your fence buster rug. It is an excellent quality rug, fits him very well, liking the larger tail flap for more protection. Since Red has been wearing this rug I have had no worries about him getting out of his paddock. This time of year is when he tends to escape when he sees other horses coming in before him, he just ducks under the fencing and lets himself in because his other rugs prevented the electric fencing form doing its job. So far this winter since wearing this rug he hasn't done it once. 

Micah Janson

It's now been 7 days since my naughty pony the Cookie monster has been wearing his fence buster rug and that's 7 days he's stayed in his field! I can't tell you what a relief this is! Having previously has a healthy respect for electric fencing, when he moved to his new field which i split up to strip graze, he suddenly didn't care and limboed his way through every day! Endless fence reparations took place every day, I gave up and opened the field up. checked the perimeter, replaced clips, tape and charged the battery - but within a few hours he was out again, i was at my wits end. I have no hesitation in recommending these rugs if you have an escapologist.

The unicorn lad

My beautiful boy in his smart new electric fence turnout rug, had his rug on for the last 2 days as tons of rain here and he's staying in paddock.... yipeeeeee!!!

Beautiful Anya

Wish I had known about these rugs before now! Really pleased with this rug, excellent quality and had no escaping through electric fencing so it must be working! Finding the buckle fastening on the neck much better than the velcro which always comes undone. Nice long tail flap to keep the wind out too!

Roddis's Cleveland Bay Beauty

People who know me (or in fact pretty much any Cleveland Bay) know that I am a friendly fellow who likes to join other horses in their paddocks from time to time! The only thing that keeps me in the correct field is my Guardian Fence Buster Rug, Ive had it for years and its still going strong!

Want to know how they work?

See how they work, our ranges, and read common electric fence rug FAQ's

The Pro

I have been really impressed with the Fence Buster Rug! The most amazing thing to see is the rug in action, it really works!

Normally my horse would have a laissez-fair attitude to electric fencing and has often pushed through, as soon as i swapped his rug for a Fence Buster he was certainly aware of being zapped; it was very good indeed. I would definitely recommend this rug to people with horses that enjoy breaking out.

Rocky the Rebel

I have an irish cob Rocky who always believes the grass is greener on the other side, he doesn't care if the fence is electrified especially when rugged! Rocky lives out 24/7 so when there is less grass, I would often arrive to find him in other horse's fields or worse still roaming along the footpath. The Fence Buster was an instant success, I saw the calculated look on Rocky's face as he approached the fencing, and when he made contact i watched him leap with a total look of suprise when he tried to duck under the fence in a bid to escape. I would recommend these rugs to anyone.

Mr.T - The suffering liver owner

I haven't bought one of these rugs however I am a livery owner of a client that has, nothing we did kept him in his paddock! It didn't matter if he had the best grass, it didn't matter if he was on his own, bought in first, or last, or out only for a few hours a day - he would break my fencing whenever he felt like it! Its only been a week but that's 7 days of not having to knock posts in or repair broken tape, so from a livery owner's point of view these rugs get a big thumbs up!

Update: It's now been 6 or 7 weeks and touch wood,,,,, he hasn't broken the fence once since this rug has been used. (A very happy, Mr T)

Oliver Twist - Shire X

Very pleased to report my horse now has a healthy respect for the fence, my partner went to get him in last night and apparently, Oliver kept well back - a real result as it presented no barrier whatsoever before. He is also nice and warm in his neck cover and liner.

Very hansome new boy 

My new boy showing off his Guardian rug, bought my mare X2 of these last year, wouldn't buy anything else ever now.

Barbie- Show pony extraordinaire

Barbie looking very posh in his smart new rug - such a lovely fit, really pleased, Thanks Guardian